2013-17 NORWEGIAN ACTING INSTITUTE NSKI: Voice lessons, including coursing in musical singing with Broadway director Lonny Price
2009-10 POPULAR MUSIC AND SOUND TECHNOLOGY, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA)
1999-02 MUSIC, DANCE & DRAMA, Hartvig Nissen College 2010-11 Private singing lessons, w/Nini Ritzau & Knut Jørgen Moe I, VOLATILE
I love singing. I have been doing it since I can remember. I've since discovered that I also love writing lyrics, and creating playful melodies that make my brain tickle. I also love mystery, intensity and melancholia.
The alternative rock band I, VOLATILE, formed in 2010, is a result of this. Read more, and listen to the releases THE VIOLENCE (2012) and EP2 (upcoming) at
2011 | KING, single by DEPUI. Guest vocals, along with Tuva Syvertsen.
2009 | SILENT CHILD, single by DEPUI. Guest vocals. 2009 | AQUARIUS, opening act on the musical HAIR, Chateau Neauf DNS. Solo number. 2008 | ALLE SOM KJENNER MEG, single by GENIALE GRISER. Vocals.