Sunniva Lind Høverstad is my full name. I was born in Oslo, and grew up in the Ekeberg area, with my translator dad and journalist mom. Since then I have lived in Trondheim, Halsnøy, Barcelona, Mexico City, Liverpool and New York. Acting and music are my two greatest passions, my first, last and everythings.
I don't believe in fate — but if I did, I'd say I was put on this earth to act. And then to sing. It's time consuming trying to find time for both. Therefore I usually say that acting is my spouse, and music my paramore. As a professional actor, and semi professional musician, there's not too much free time. But when there is, I also like to do other stuff. Like writing, drawing, learning languages, making films, dancing, and walking barefoot in the grass. COOL STUFF I HAVE DONE
- Translated the autobiography I AM OZZY (Ozzy Osbourne w/Chris Ayres) from English to Norwegian, in collaboration with dad, Torstein Bugge Høverstad.
- Warmed up for SKUNK ANANSIE at the 1600 capacity club Sentrum Scene in Oslo, with I, VOLATILE.
- Jumped out of a helicopter (with a parachute). It was awesome!
- Jumped from a bridge (with a bungee). It was awful.
- Made a meme that went viral (The SIV JENSEN/URSULA one).
- Spontaneously moved to Mexico City to write a novel.
- Started my own label and released (soon to be) two records. CONTACT ONLINE PICS Skuespillerkatalogen TimeToRiot: Feature + profil Stagepool Instagram